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My Highest-Conviction Idea In Years:
How to buy some of the highest-quality stocks in the world at a MASSIVE 26% discount to where they currently trade on public markets. Take advantage of this deal while you still can...
The investment I'm telling you about today is one of the best deals I’ve seen in my 20-year investing career… and a recent development should soon send shares skyrocketing. 
Hi, my name is Tim Staermose.

As Sovereign Man’s Chief Investment Strategist, I spend most of my days scouring the international markets for stocks that have been unfairly punished…

Usually these are tiny companies trading in markets like Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand or South Korea.

And they’re usually in highly cyclical industries like shipping or natural resources (which allows us to buy shares on the cheap in a down cycle).

In short, I’m open to investing in most any type of company anywhere in the world – as long as there’s value.

Specifically, I’m searching for high-quality companies that have gone on sale… ideally trading for less than the net cash on their balance sheets.

It’s very difficult to find deals like this today. Most markets around the world are trading at record prices after a 10-year bull market. 

And lots of companies that are trading so cheap are down in the dumps for a reason.

But I’ve spent decades analyzing these types of value plays and honing my craft (learning to separate the garbage from the winners).

And the results speak for themselves…

Since the beginning of 2015, 95% of my closed recommendations have been winners. And the average return is 49.7%. 

But in my entire investing career, I’ve rarely been more bullish on an opportunity than the one I’m sharing with you today.

Listen, every investment has risks. But after you learn the full story about this investment, you’ll see there aren’t many ways this can go wrong.

Even better, there’s a catalyst at work, right now, that could send shares ripping higher any day now.

That’s why I rushed to put this report together for you…
One of the most absurd discounts I’ve ever seen
Let me get straight to it…

I’ve found a way to buy a basket of some of the biggest and safest blue-chip stocks out there at a massive discount to where they trade on the open market.

You’d know the names of these companies…
  •  One of them is a well-known consumer brand ($90 billion)
  •  Another is a leading services provider to businesses ($60 billion)
  •  And there’s a global food giant whose products are probably in your kitchen cabinet ($70 billion)
These are some of the largest and best-known companies in the world. And for that reason, shares of these companies rarely go on sale.

That’s why I was blown away when I discovered a way to buy these companies (through a little-known fund) at a 26+% discount to their current share price.

You heard me right. Through this publicly traded fund, you can buy the exact same shares of these high-quality blue chips for 26% less than everyone else is paying on the market.

If you logged into your brokerage account right now to buy shares of the food giant I mention above, you’d have to pay around $48 each.

But if you buy shares in the fund I discovered, you’ll get the exact same sharesbut you’re only paying $36.

I want to stress that point again… by buying this fund, you own the exact same shares as everyone else. You’re just paying much, much less.

And here's the best part... you have one of the best money managers in the world managing this portfolio for you. 

This is a guy that manages billions of dollars for wealthy individuals and big pension funds. And he normally charges HUGE fees for his expertise. 

But through this little-known fund, you get his expertise for a small fraction of what he charges everyone else. 

Before sharing more details on this, I want to explain why you're able to make this investment today...  
Why does this situation exist? 
The fund I’m talking about is called a “closed-end fund.”

I won’t get into the details of the structure. All that’s important for you to understand is the share price of a closed-end fund can trade at a premium, or a discount, to its “net asset value.”

Net asset value (or NAV) is simply the market price of the assets in the fund (what you would get if you simply sold those assets on the open market), and deducted any liabilities owed by the closed-end fund.

In this case, the NAV is the quoted share price of the blue-chip stocks the fund holds, minus a small number of liabilities.

And today, this fund is trading at a 26% discount to its net asset value – its biggest discount in history - even while the stocks in the fund are soaring in the open market. 

That's why we have such a huge opportunity right now... the stocks this fund holds are soaring. But the fund has barely budged. 

This kind of insane price behavior isn't going to last forever. So it's important to take action while you still can... 
Why the fund manager hates this discount...
A discount this big rarely happens… especially considering the high-quality, liquid stocks this fund owns.

Right now, shareholders in this fund are incredibly bearish. They’ve lost faith in the fund manager’s ability to outperform the market after a recent bout of underperformance. And some of them are selling their shares at any price.

But the selling is way overdone. And we’re going to swoop in and buy a basket of blue chip stocks at a huge, 26% discount.

Oh, the manager of this fund happens to be one of the most prolific money managers in recent history.

And the huge and persistent discount in his fund is a MAJOR black eye for him.

By selling their shares at a discount to NAV, shareholders are saying this guy can’t cut it as a fund manager. And they’re willing to take a big loss to break free.

To be honest, I don’t really care too much about this guy’s ability to manage this portfolio. A monkey could be managing this portfolio... when you're buying blue-chip stocks at 26% below their market value, there's not a lot that can go wrong. 

In this case, I know exactly what the assets are, exactly what they’re worth and exactly what I’m paying for them.

All the fund manager has to do is sell shares of the stocks he owns on the open market at their current prices for us to make double-digit gains (I think we can make much more than that, as I"ll soon explain). 

And while he doesn’t intend to take that step (at least not yet), the manager has already taken several steps to close the discount. And the best is yet to come…
Here’s how the discount gets erased
Last year, this fund held its annual meeting on a small island off the coast of France.

The shareholders voted on all the regular stuff – who should serve on the board of directors, who should be the company’s auditor, etc.

But at last year’s meeting, they also overwhelmingly approved another measure…

They voted to allow the fund manager to immediately start closing the fund’s discount to NAV (it was only 22% back then).

Without getting into too much detail, the fund manager can now buy back up to 20% of this fund’s shares… and he’s already started buying. 

The increased demand for shares (and the public vote of confidence) will help to close the discount gap.

This fund manager wants the discount to disappear immediately. It’s bad for his ego to see these shares trading at such a low valuation.

So you’ve got a fund manager with billions of dollars at his disposal who wants this discount to close ASAP. 

Even if this fund just trades back at its NAV, you would make 36%.

But there’s another tailwind I think will push shares even higher…

These shares are down in the dumps because investors have soured on the fund manager. But his performance recently has been outstanding – some of the best in the industry.

And just like investors are irrationally bearish on the fund today, I believe they’ll become irrationally bullish in the future. And I think we could see this fund trade at a healthy PREMIUM to its NAV.

So the manager is buying back stock to close the discount. The shares that make up the fund are increasing in price MUCH faster than the share price of the fund itself. And I believe sentiment could shift and really send these shares skyrocketing. In fact, I think we could see a double.

There's also another catalyst the fund announced in early February... and I think it's the biggest of them all. It should attract a MASSIVE wave of investors into the stock to close the gap (I share the details of this catalyst inside my new report). 

That’s why it’s so important you take action on this quickly.

Any one of these catalysts could send the share price up drastically… and if you don’t own shares now, you could miss the largest gains.

I hope you understand why I have to be somewhat cryptic when describing this situation to you today. If I share too many details, people outside our small, tight-knit group would discover the ticker and bid the share price of this fund way up.
Another reason this opportunity is so great
The stocks I normally recommend in The 4th Pillar are small and illiquid. So I can’t tell many people about them.

That’s why I tightly control how many people read my work… and how often I open up my service to new subscribers.

But this latest recommendation is a large fund made up of some of the biggest, most liquid stocks on earth. So I can safely tell more people about this opportunity without worrying about “blowing this stock up.”

And that’s why I worked so hard to get this announcement out to you ASAP.

Opportunities like this shouldn’t exist.

But right now, we can buy a basket of blue chip stocks at a whopping 26% discount to their market price.

And we have multiple catalysts to close that discount.

But the window of opportunity is quickly closing.

If you’re interested in this investment, I’d encourage you to act quickly.

I rarely pound the table like this on a single stock like this... but, frankly, I think this is one of the best and safest investments you can make today. 

If you're looking for a solid investment in an overvalued market, this is it. I realistically think this stock could double as 1) the discount to NAV closes and 2) the underlying assets continue to appreciate in value. 

I’ve prepared a report outlining this opportunity and telling you the full details. The story is even better than what I was able to present you today.

After reading the report, you’ll know the whole story. And you can go out and buy this stock.

This is one of the best investment opportunities I’ve seen in a very long time. I hope you don’t miss out.

I want to be clear on one final point… I’m not offering any discounts on The 4th Pillar because this investment is so appealing. 

If you invest just $10,000 in this stock, you’ll make $3,600 just if the fund trades back up to its market value. That’s far more than the cost of an annual subscription.

But I believe you’ll make much more…

To sign up for The 4th Pillar and get immediate access to this report, you can click below.
Or, you can read on to learn more about me and my service…
Why Members of the Sovereign Man Community Follow Me …
I completed my education in Australia before moving to Hong Kong to become an investment banker.

Even though I was successful in that career, I wanted more flexibility and today, I manage my own money plus provide advice for high net worth investors. I’m also the editor of The 4th Pillar, an investment newsletter I will tell you about in a minute.

You can see some exact recommendations … and the results … lower on this page. The strategy has worked … 
  • 21 of the 22 closed trades I have recommended since the beginning of 2015 have been successful for investors who follow me. That's a 95% success rate.
  • The average return on each pick is 49.7%
  • Plus, we have another 19 open trades of which several are currently in the BUY zone.
Now … I don’t want to boast too much because that’s not my style … but … ask yourself this question … “who else has a 95% hit rate?”

If you know someone, please let me know.

The people who follow me are …
  • Members of the Sovereign Man community
  • Highly independent thinkers
  • Risk-averse
  • Wary of the current state of the overpriced stock markets
  • Looking for value … but unwilling to spend 9 hours every day looking for undervalued stocks.
And there’s something else you should know … something I believe is extremely important … I invest my money in the stocks I recommend. “I eat my own cooking,” as we say in the investment world.

Like you probably are, I’m extremely risk-averse … my #1 goal is preservation of capital. I NEVER recommend companies I believe are too risky due to bad management, poor prospects, or other negative factors.

There’s no reason to risk initial capital. I never invest in companies with little or no upside potential.

So …
Let Me Reveal The ‘Non-Secret’ to How I Choose My Stocks …
Some people in the investment world claim to have a “secret” approach to picking stocks.

There’s no secret to my approach. It just takes a lot of work… and the willingness and expertise to look at stocks most analysts and investors completely ignore. 

I scour every market around the world to find value… I’m looking for companies that are selling so cheaply you can buy them for less than the cash they have in the bank.

It takes several hours of daily research to find these companies. 

A great example … my first pick using this methodology … Queste Communications.

It was trading at 2 cents a share. But it had 14 cents a share of net cash sitting in the bank. In other words, I was able to buy this stock at an 86% discount to its cash. It’s hard to lose money when you have that much cushion. 

And that’s the foundation of my strategy: buy a dollar for 75 cents … or less.

If you focus on the downside, the upside takes care of itself. That’s why 21 of my past 22 closed recommendations have been winners, with an average gain of 49.7%. 

But you can’t just screen the globe for companies that are selling for less than the cash on their books. Lots of companies trade for pennies for a good reason – they’re on the way to zero. 

Finding a universe of stocks trading for less than cash is just the beginning. 

I typically investigate over 1,000 companies before I find one I want to invest in… and recommend to members of The 4th Pillar
How I Achieved a 95% Hit Rate
Once I find a company selling for less than its cash in the bank, I take a close look at its fundamentals … I’ve analyzed thousands of companies in my role as an investment banker and private investor … so I know what to look for.

The stocks I recommend in The 4th Pillar typically meet the following criteria.
  • Extremely low risk for loss of capital.
  • Some type of temporary issue that’s keeping the company from achieving its full potential.
  • A solid management structure with sound organization.
  • Strong cash flow.
  • Outside the United States, usually in Asia or Australia.
  • Strong potential for growth.
Remember … I used to be an investment banker. As such, I developed extensive experience and expertise investigating and researching companies. But I also have lots of experience investing in private deals… I get investment proposals through my network every day. And I turn most of them down… They just don’t meet my criteria. 

But when I pull the trigger, I make money. For example, a friend in Hong Kong invited me to invest in a private advertising company. I earned 60% in two years. 

And you can benefit from this expertise and experience. As I mentioned earlier, I have a 95% “hit” rate. My strategy, my experience, and my hard work … they pay off.

And, when you join The 4th Pillar, you gain access to my stock recommendations.
Take a Look at 5 of My Recent Recommendations
Want proof my strategy works? Take a look at these recent recommendations.
EXAMPLE ONE … 57% Profit in 6 Months
In September, 2016 I recommended that members of The 4th Pillar buy shares of a company called Mount Gibson.

Mount Gibson is listed as MGX on the Australian Stock Exchange.

At the time, MGX was trading at a share price that was less than its cash value.

Less than six months later, in February of 2017, the rest of the market realized this … it was absurd that its shares were trading for less than the amount of cash the company had in the bank.

The share price soared and members of The 4th Pillar made 57% profit in less than six months.
Chart of Mount Gibson on the Australian Stock Exchange. | Chart image source: Yahoo Finance
EXAMPLE TWO … 87% Profit
In April 2016, I recommended Karoon Gas, an Australian-based oil and gas company.

At the time, the market valued Karoon at A$301.99 million. But the company had nearly A$523.5 million in cash in the bank.

In just 7 months, the rest of the market realized that Karoon was an incredible deal. The stock price surged and The 4th Pillar subscribers banked nearly 90% profit.
Chart of Karoon Gas on the Australian Stock Exchange. | Chart image source: Yahoo Finance
EXAMPLE THREE … 105% Profit
In September 2014, I recommended Nam Tai Properties, a Hong Kong-based real estate holding company.

At the time, the market valued Nam Tai at $204 million. But the company had nearly $261mn in cash in the bank, over $221 million of real estate and was generating a solid profit.

Over the next 2 years, the market realized that Nam Tai was an incredible deal, the stock price surged and 4th Pillar members made over 105% profit.
Chart of Nam Tai Properties. | Chart image source: Yahoo Finance
EXAMPLE FOUR … 91% Return
Yorkey Optical is a Hong Kong company selling parts for digital cameras, photocopiers, and scanners.

Not only was it selling at an absurd 30% discount to its cash balance, but it was also paying an incredible 9% dividend.

Subscribers made a total of 91% on this recommendation and while they waited for the stock price to return to its cash backing, they received a total of 49% in profits through dividends.
Chart of Yorkey Optical. | Chart image source: Yahoo Finance
EXAMPLE FIVE … 153% Return in Just 2.5 Months
In August of 2017 I recommended New Century Resources, that was trading at a huge discount to the value of all the assets it owned and had a HUGE margin of safety.

I also personally knew one of the key management personnel, who is a self-made mining entrepreneur and who’s made nearly $100mn off the back of deals like this. 

So, I knew we were backing a winner. And, sure enough, 4th Pillar subscribers had DOUBLED their money after just one and a half months.

Right now, they are sitting on over 150% profits and we’ll continue holding the stock, because there is still a lot of upside.
Chart of New Century Resources. | Chart image source: Yahoo Finance
3 Ways My Readers Make Money
I buy shares of high quality companies that are selling for less than the amount of cash they have in the bank … and I share these recommendations with you.

For example, a company might have $5.50 per share in cash, but due to the market’s irrationality … or some other temporary factor … the company is trading for … let’s say … just $3.75 … a 31% discount to its cash backing.

As I said … it’s all about finding ways to buy a dollar … for way less than a dollar. Then I do a deep dive into that company to make sure we’re investing in a solid company with good management … plus, ideally, exciting prospects for further growth.

From there, we make money three additional ways… 
1. Capital Appreciation … to minimize risk and protect capital.
By purchasing a well-managed, growing company that trades for less than its cash balance, there’s a very strong chance you’re buying near the bottom … which reduces your risk significantly. Even if it’s not at the bottom, the difference between the market value and the cash value provides a significant margin of safety. 

Remember … I buy these shares with my personal funds … and I’m extremely risk averse.

In 21 out of 22 recently  closed picks, the share price has increased dramatically.
2. Currency Appreciation. 
The second way you can make money with this strategy is through currency appreciation. Many of these investments involve buying companies in foreign currencies, like the Australian dollar or British pound, that are trading near multi-year lows against the US dollar, and far below their historic averages.

This substantially reduces the downside risk.

And if these currencies do nothing more than return to their historic averages, you can make a significant gain on currency appreciation alone – regardless of how the business performs. 
3. Dividend Income. 
Many of the investments we make also return a portion of their profits to shareholders in the form of a dividend … this can reach 7% … sometimes more. 

For example, a current New Zealand stock in the portfolio is yielding 9.5% - one of our strongest yield plays. 

This is very important. Long-term studies of stock market returns have shown as much as 75% of your returns come from dividends. And who doesn’t like regular income hitting their account?

Want to know my recommendations?

You can …
Get My Personal Recommendations Through The 4th Pillar
The 4th Pillar is a monthly newsletter I personally write and send ONLY to members of the 4th Pillar community.

You receive my specific investment recommendations. These are the same recommendations I supply to my high-net-worth money management clients … and the same recommendations I follow with my own capital.  

I show you …
  • Which stocks to buy … at which price …
  • When to sell …
  • When to hold …
  • How much of your portfolio to allocate 
  • I also disclose how many shares my clients and I own and control, and what we paid for them
The 4th Pillar is delivered via monthly letter. 

I also recommend brokers I personally know. These brokers know how to trade 4th Pillar recommendations. These are online brokers as well as full-service brokers based in Australia, Asia, and some in the USA.

Of course, you can execute your own trades through an online, discount brokerage… and we’ll tell you which online brokers we recommend.

Or, if you have an IRA with Fidelity or another major custodian, chances are you don’t have to change anything… you can make these trades directly in your IRA. 

Here’s an example of the front page of a recent 4th Pillar newsletter.
Note: The 4th Pillar is only accepting a limited number of new subscribers so it’s important you subscribe now if you have a serious interest. Don’t delay. The stocks I recommend are often small and thinly traded… so the 4th Pillar community can never become too large … otherwise my readers couldn’t take advantage of the recommendations. 
15 Reasons to Join the 4th Pillar Community …
Here’s why investors around the world have joined the 4th Pillar community.

1. I do all the “heavy lifting” for you through my research … so you don’t have to spend hours and hours sifting through the raw data finding the stocks that match my strategy.

2. Avoid the risk of today’s over-valued markets … it’s no secret that most stock markets around the world are seriously over-valued … and thus seriously risky. You can avoid these over-valued markets with my recommendations.

3. You Get High quality stock recommendations … with strong potential upside.

4. Results … each $10,000 invested in my recommendations has produced an average return of $4,970 since the beginning of 2015.

5. A 95% “hit” rate on my recommendations.

6. Value … finding a dollar for as little as 75 cents … or less.

7. Dividend income … some of the companies I recommend offer a dividend … some up to 7% … or higher.

8. Even more value … this information would normally cost tens of thousands if I sold it to professional money managers… but it’s just $5.46 a day.

9. I personally buy these recommendations … I invest my own money, and that of my high-net-worth clients, in the exact same recommendations I give you.

10. My background … I was formerly an investment banker. I was trained to evaluate companies and their potential for growth and success. I’ve carefully honed my system for 19 years.  

11. The only source for this information … you cannot find this type of stock research anywhere else … it’s only available through membership in The 4th Pillar.

12. Currency appreciation … right now, the strong dollar means you receive even greater value on stocks from foreign markets. Future weakness in the dollar, which we expect, will add to your gains in dollar terms. 

13. All the information you need … you know when to buy … you know when to hold … you know when to sell … all thanks to the recommendations in The 4th Pillar.

14. Recommendations outside of the mainstream ... Access opportunities that are overlooked by CNBC and institutional investors with billions to deploy, because they are too small" but offer superior returns for individual investors.

15. Limited number of subscriptions The 4th Pillar is NOT available to everyone. It’s only available to members of the Sovereign Man community and the total number of subscribers is limited. We have to ration memberships as the stocks I recommend are sometimes small and not very actively traded.
A “Hidden” Benefit … Trade In Your Overvalued US Dollars 
As I write, the U.S. dollar has spent the last two years at record levels, posting multi-year highs against major currencies like the British pound, Australian dollar, and the Euro.

But that era may now finally be coming to an end.

Almost NOBODY wants a strong dollar.

Big companies don't want a strong dollar, because it makes their exports more expensive.

The Federal Reserve doesn’t want a strong dollar because they believe it constrains economic growth.

Donald Trump certainly doesn't want a strong dollar, and recently told The Wall Street Journal that the dollar is “too strong.”

It’s pretty obvious what's going to happen … the US dollar is set to get weaker … a LOT weaker.

Take a look at this chart. The US dollar has a LONG way to fall before it reaches a more ‘normal’ level.
The US dollar is completely overvalued and is near a multi-year high. | Chart image source: Bloomberg
So, if you're holding on to US dollars right now, here’s something it’s important to understand …

You have a golden opportunity RIGHT NOW to trade an overvalued currency that’s bound to fall, for undervalued assets that are going to increase in value.

But there’s a problem.

There aren’t exactly a lot of undervalued assets. You know that.

Just about EVERYTHING in the markets is trading at (or near) an all-time high.

Some companies that are popular with investors are selling for more than 350x earnings, a level that defies all possible rationality.

But your membership in The 4th Pillar gives you undervalued stock recommendations … in foreign markets, where you can also benefit from the upcoming weakening of the US dollar.
I Invest in My Recommendations …
Here’s something I discovered when I was an investment banker … many people who make stock recommendations, DO NOT invest in these stocks. It’s pretty shocking, I know.

But I invest in my recommendations … usually taking significant positions in these stocks. In fact, I detail my holdings in each stock.

When I recommend you buy a stock, I buy the stock.

When I recommend it’s time to sell, I sell.

So … I’m a member of this 4th Pillar community. I have a vested interest in the performance of these stocks. Just like you.
What The 4th Pillar is NOT …
The 4th Pillar is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. Yes … some of the gains happen relatively fast … 

Some 4th Pillar subscribers recently earned a 490% return in just 11 months on shares of Bauxite Resources.

But results sometimes take much longer … so you need to be a patient investor.

Remember … patience is certainly rewarded. 95% of my closed recommendations since the beginning of 2015 have been “hits” and members of the 4th Pillar community have enjoyed an average return on each recommendation of 49.7%.  

But if you’re looking for “electrifying gains” in the next 30 days, then The 4th Pillar is NOT for you.
Why I Usually Stay Away from America …
As I write, the American markets are seriously over-valued. Plus, there can be serious tax and ownership downsides to stock ownership in the United States … and other markets.

However, the Australian and some of the Asian markets provide two major advantages.
  • A friendlier environment for stock ownership (especially in Australia), where you can hold direct title to your securities without a broker standing between you and your shares.
  • Some seriously under-valued stocks … even in today’s market environment.  
Remember … I’m looking for under-valued companies with the potential for growth … while preserving capital. Right now, these can only be found in Australian and Asian markets.
Job #1 … Preservation of Capital … Minimize Your Risk …
As I just wrote, I invest my own personal money in my recommendations. Yes … I’m looking for a serious upside thanks to my strategy.

But the #1 job is preservation of capital … yours and mine.

I know that people in the Sovereign Man community DO NOT like to take unnecessary risks. I’m exactly the same way.

So my #1 goal for members of the 4th Pillar community is to preserve capital.
Investors Have Great Things to Say About The 4th Pillar … 
Net Return of 95%
A message from Simon Black, founder of Sovereign Man 
Probably the best track record in the industry …  

I’ve looked at portfolios and portfolio managers from San Francisco to Sydney … looking for safe, consistent returns for the Sovereign Man community.

Nothing comes close to what Tim Staermose has delivered for members of The 4th Pillar

I’m not a risk taker. I’m very conservative with my investments. 

I rarely venture into the public markets … they’re expensive, they’re rigged against the independent investor, and I see little reason to be there.  

But Tim’s strategy is unique. He has an uncanny knack for finding deals in the stock market that have almost no downside risk and offer terms even better than I can find in the private market – where I invest 99% of my money.  

That’s why I coaxed Tim out of retirement to offer his expertise for our members.

Since 2011 he’s been delivering winner after winner in his 4th Pillar newsletter. 

Since the beginning of 2015 alone, he’s made money on 21 out of 22 closed trades – an astonishing 95% success rate.

If you’ve ever seen a better track record, I’d love to hear about it. As far as I know, nothing beats it.

And, I’m delighted to offer you one of the limited number of new openings available to membership. 

I expect this to sell out fast, so if you like the idea of making $4,970 profits on each $10,000 investment, and only losing money 5% of the time, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity now. 

The 4th Pillar is a highly sought-after service, but the strategy cannot accommodate all comers. That’s why we’re forced to limit the number of subscribers.

At $5,000 a year, it would be great value, yet we only charge $1,995. 

As I said. I’ve never seen a better track record. And if you don’t like The 4th Pillar, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
The 4th Pillar is a Fraction of the Cost of Similar Services … Yet the ROI is Off the Charts …
You may be wondering, “what does membership to The 4th Pillar cost?” Let me answer the question …
Only $1,995
Break that down and it’s just $5.46 a day … less than a sandwich at most delis.

The same level of highly specialized stock information will typically cost you anywhere from $7,000 a year to $25,000 a year … yet right now you can become a member of The 4th Pillar for just $1,995 per year.

If you invest just $10,000 in this stock, you’ll make $3,600 just if the fund trades back up to its market value. That’s far more than the cost of an annual subscription.

And I believe you’ll make much more because we could see this fund trade at a healthy PREMIUM to its NAV. In fact, I think we could see a double.

But let’s think about what’s really important here … your portfolio and your financial goals.

And let’s think about the potential return on your investment in The 4th Pillar.

Remember those examples I mentioned earlier?
  • If you had invested just $4000 in Mount Gibson, you would have gained a $2,280 profit in less than six months.
  • If you had invested just $2,500 in Karoon Gas, you would have gained a $2,700 profit.
  • If you had invested just $2,500 in Nam Tai properties, you would have gained a $3,150 profit.
As you can see, a small investment into any one of these recommendations would've easily paid for your entire subscription and then some.

And these are just three of my recommendations … remember that I’ve “hit” on 21 out of 22 recommendations since the beginning of last year.

Bottom line … membership in The 4th Pillar pays for itself quickly.
This Offer is Strictly Limited … Join While You Still Have the Opportunity
This 4th Pillar offer is strictly limited. First … it’s only open to members of the Sovereign Man community.

You might come back later only to discover that the “shopping cart” is closed.

My “recommendation” here … join now while you have the chance. 
30-Day Guarantee … A Full Refund if You’re Not Totally Delighted
Your membership in The 4th Pillar provides you with stock recommendations you can only get through your membership. You receive recommendations based on a strategy that’s “hit” on 21 out of 22 picks in the past 4 years alone.
Members who have acted on these recommendations have enjoyed gains of 57%, 90%, and 105% on just three recent recommendations.

You can also enjoy gains through the current overvalued state of the U.S. dollar, plus dividend returns.

If you’re not totally delighted with your membership in The 4th Pillar, you will receive a full, prompt, and courteous refund. In fact, you have 30 days to decide if membership in The 4th Pillar is for you. If it’s not, just email our customer service team at refunds@sovereignman.com.

We want you to be totally delighted with your membership in The 4th Pillar. If you’re not, you receive a full refund. No questions asked.
Are You Going to Make the Right Decision for Your Financial Future?
Maybe you’re still on the fence about membership in The 4th Pillar. And that’s understandable. Membership is a significant investment … even though it’s a fraction of the potential ROI.

So now you have a simple decision … you can decide you don’t want to join The 4th Pillar and rely on information from other sources for your stock picks …

OR …

You can join The 4th Pillar, totally risk-free thanks to the guarantee and gain stock recommendations based on a strategy that’s picked winners … serious winners … 95% of the time …

I’m confident you’ll make the right decision for your financial future.
Tim Staermose
Chief Investment Strategist, Sovereign Man …

P.S. Yes … you can use your retirement funds to invest in 4th Pillar recommendations.

The 4th Pillar deep value investment recommendations are an excellent option for your retirement account. You can invest in all of these positions through any broker that works with retirement accounts.

You can invest whether you have an IRA, solo 401k, or a self-managed superannuation fund.

The 4th Pillar” of self-reliance in the Sovereign Man ethos is financial independence – and that’s what The 4th Pillar is designed to help deliver. Independent income streams for life.

Join me, and let me help you attain your financial freedom.
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