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Step 1: AVOIDWall Street Kool-aid...
This may be offensive, but...

Mainstream financial advice is shit.

And if you listen to what you see in the media, what your financial advisor tells you, or follow what they're doing on Wall Street.... 

You're hosed. 

All of these guys are drinking the same Kool-aid...

...Kool-aid brewed by the Treasury Department.

And seriously - taking financial advice from the Treasury Department is like taking health advice from the FDA (you know, the guys in bed with Monsanto).

Frankly, the greatest risk-adjusted returns aren't conventional.

Step 2: Invest in value...
In order to set your portfolio up for success, a rational, value-based financial education is CRITICAL.

See, there's a smarter, safer "WAAAAY-OFF-Wall-Street" approach with much better risk-adjust returns. 

What we present inside Price Value International each month - besides a track record of winning value stock recommendations - is exposure to TREMENDOUS financial sophistication....

It's knowledge and insights, as well as sophisticated investment opportunities to consider for your portfolio.

Look, I may already be financially sophisticated, but...

I literally stop what I’m doing every month to read the pages of Price Value International. 

That's why I just flew 12 hours from Bangkok to London, so I could sit down and record an interview with Tim Price for you and your fellow Sovereign Man readers. 

Meet a top wealth manager who thinks like we do:
Tim Price is one of the few people in the world of professional finance who actually "gets it".

As a professional wealth manager in London, he's spent years safeguarding his clients' money with the care and wisdom with which he manages his own.

While the investing herd crowds into dangerous, overpriced stocks, Tim Price LIVES and BREATHES value investing 24/7, and he searches for great investments to the ends of the earth.

Now is your chance to tap into his tremendously valuable insight for an absurdly low price.

Here's why this is so important:

There may be risk...but there's potentially more risk in sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing.
Tim sees that investing is extraordinarily risky, but he's remarkably rational. 

The fact is, there are still a lot of people out there making a ton of money...

So, how are they doing it? 

Our preferred way is with value investing. 

For anyone who has been following the investment advice of Tim Staermose, Sovereign Man's Chief Investment Strategist, has netted double digit returns over the last year. 

Here's how it works:

Identify companies trading for less than the cash they have in the bank. 

Don’t be the guy sitting on the sidelines. Incredible education, valuable, sensible, well-researched stock picks and investment recommendations. Being able to tap into the brain of a guy like Tim Price for $9/month is a CRAZY deal. This is the real value. Brilliant.
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If, for whatever reason, you decide Price Value International isn't right for you, simply let us know and you'll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

No questions asked! 

This is an important part of creating a great Plan B...

No matter what you decide right now, make sure you're not the guy sitting on the sidelines...

As with everything we provide to our readers at Sovereign Man, being able to safeguard and grow your assets outside the mainstream is an essential part of a great Plan B. 

Every great Plan B has defensive strategies to preserve and protect your freedom, and OFFENSIVE strategies to GROW your wealth. 

Our members routinely ask me about my offensive strategies...

They specifically want to know what I'm investing in - right at this moment - to protect and GROW everything I've worked for.

"Simon: What Exactly Do YOU Invest In?"
My answer is three-fold:

1. I invest in PEOPLE and RELATIONSHIPS: 

I surround myself with the world's most successful investors, entrepreneurs, inventors, leaders, thinkers, and doers.

These relationships mean more to me than anything I own or will ever own, and everything that I do is directly affected by - and in most cases, a direct result of - these relationships. 

Beyond personal advisors, friends, and confidants, I fill the Sovereign Man Teams with many of the outstanding individuals I meet...

...like the investment arm of Sovereign Man led by Chief Investment Strategist Tim Staermose and extraordinary financial minds like Tim Price.

2. I invest in REAL, TANGIBLE ASSETS (like productive businesses):

Beyond private equity investing - in which we fund the growth of successful, privately held companies...

We also buy companies that are a great match for our skill sets or complementary to our other businesses.

And, as you know, we invest in productive farmland and real estate...

See, our approach is simple: we look for no-brainer deals, in which we can buy an asset on sale for far less than what it's worth (a lot like the value stocks we're discussing in this letter).

This seems like common sense - and it is - yet most financial "experts" MISS this simple, critical component to wealth preservation and growth. 

That's why...

3. I invest in VALUE STOCKS:

The first two items listed above - investing in people and investing in assets like businesses and property - require a considerable amount of time, energy, and capital.

Logically, it makes sense to look for a way to generate a solid return on capital while taking limited risk, and WITHOUT spending a lot of time and energy performing due diligence and figuring it all out.

That's why we have some of the world's best financial minds on our team...so you and I can benefit from their hard work and brilliant analysis... 

See, creating a scenario in which you can put your savings to work for you - not with more time and energy sunk in, but by increasing your financial sophistication and following the advice of vetted, responsible, incredibly successful financial professionals who think like you - was the driving force behind starting Price Value International.

And it's why I'm proud to be able to offer such an extraordinary service at such an incredible bargain.

I'll see you on the inside. 

Simon Black
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