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The Greatest Redistribution of Wealth in History
Crippling taxes, limits to private property ownership and the destruction of the dollar are coming… and that’s the best case
This Promotion Has Ended
Although this offer is not available anymore, you can still get access to our Starter Guide by becoming a member of Sovereign Man: Confidential.
The Greatest Redistribution of Wealth in History
Crippling taxes, limits to private property ownership and the destruction of the dollar are coming… and that’s the best case
This Promotion Has Ended
Although this offer is not available anymore, you can still get access to our Starter Guide by becoming a member of Sovereign Man: Confidential.
The Greatest Redistribution of Wealth in History
Crippling taxes, limits to private property ownership and the destruction of the dollar are coming… and that’s the best case
This Promotion Has Ended
Although this offer is not available anymore, you can still get access to our Starter Guide by becoming a member of Sovereign Man: Confidential.
“The disparity of fortune between the rich and the poor had reached its height, so that the city seemed to be in a dangerous condition, and no other means for freeing it from disturbances… seemed possible but despotic power.” 
– Plutarch, a Greek biographer, 594 B.C. 
“Here’s the truth, brothers and sisters, there’s plenty of money in the world. Plenty of money in this city… It’s just in the wrong hands!”
– Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, January 2019
There’s a massive change happening right now around the world.  

And if you have assets of any kind (savings in the bank, a 401(k) or even a house), you need to read this message carefully.

Radical, socialist ideas are gripping the world today like I’ve never seen before.
And a rising crop of socialist politicians is angling for the US presidency in 2020 – people like Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders.

These candidates (and potential candidates) are demonizing the rich. They’re out for blood. And they’re going to get it.

These are just some of the ideas floated by these politicians – 70% (or higher) progressive tax rates, annual penalties for having a certain amount of money, free healthcare, free education, etc…

But this problem isn’t just in the US… the same ideas are making waves in France, the UK and most other major economies around the world.

But before I share details on the scary legislations potentially coming down the pipe (and the negative implications for your wealth and freedom), let’s discuss how we got here… 
We're at a Turning Point in History
Thanks to ten years of money printing and ultra-low interest rates, we’ve experienced a bubble in asset prices. Stocks, bonds, real estate, art, fine wine – basically every asset in the world – has risen to astronomical heights.  

And that’s made the people that own these assets incredibly rich.

In fact, since 2009 (when this giant monetary experiment got started) through 2017, the world’s billionaires’ wealth more than doubled – increasing from $3.4 trillion to $8.9 trillion.

And that number has only gotten higher today in 2019.

But here’s where the problem kicks in…

While the rich have been getting much, much richer, the combined wealth of the poorest half of the world – 3.8 billion people – fell by 11% just in the last year.

To put those numbers in perspective, the New York Times says the richest eight people on the planet have more wealth than the poorest 3.8 billion.

Wealth concentrating in the hands of the few is nothing new. It’s happened since the beginning of time. And it makes sense… a minority of the population possesses the most valuable skills. As a result, that same minority earns a majority of the wealth.

But every, single time throughout history that the gap between rich and poor has gotten too wide, it corrects. And it always happens one of two ways…
  • Either the government confiscates wealth via asset seizure and taxes and redistribute that cash, or…
  •  The poor come out with their pitchforks
I can’t tell you how we’ll see it play out this time around. But, make no mistake. This correction is coming... millennia of history prove that’s the case. 

And there’s nothing you, any politician or billionaire, for that matter, can do to stop it.

Let me be clear... massively higher taxes are coming. We may even see limits to property ownership, capital controls and attempted regulations on where we can travel and live. 

But there are still a number of steps you can take today to ensure your assets – and your freedom – will be safe and sound, regardless of how the 2020 elections turn out.
Also, the rise of socialism is only one of the major threats to your wealth I see in the world right now. I’ll share the other three in a moment (along with some solutions to protect yourself).

First I want to discuss why this increasing wealth disparity has led to an incredible, socialist backlash...
Why This Wealth Disparity Matters Today
Wealth disparity and the subsequent rise of socialism isn’t a new phenomenon...

It goes all the way back to the ancient Sumerians around 4,000 B.C. 

Ancient record-keeping on stone slabs shows how the ruling, priest-king distributed the society’s goods amongst the people. 

Socialism happened again in Babylonia in the mid 18th century B.C. when King Hammurabi forgave all his citizens’ debts... Then in Egypt in 323 BC and in China around 145 BC...

And again in Ancient Rome under Solon when he devalued the currency, forgave debts and raised taxes (with the rich paying 12x more in taxes than the poor).

Then the French Revolution in the late 1700’s...

France’s coffers were depleted. And decades of poor harvests, droughts and rising prices pushed the people to the brink. 

The people revolted against poor, economic policies and overthrew the monarchy... ultimately beheading King Louis XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette. 

Then the Bolsheviks in Russia in 1917... 

And even in the US with FDR’s New Deal (an unprecedented social relief program following the Great Depression) in the 1930’s... 

Then again in the 1960’s with Lyndon B. Johnson’s financing of both the Vietnam War and his “Great Society”... you’ve got LBJ to thank for Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and a whole host of other social programs. 

And for the past 6,000 years, these uprisings always happen for the same reason...
Too much money concentrates in the hands of the few. 

And the rest of society feels  trapped, like they have no path to prosperity. 

They see money thrown around by the government and the rich (consider the backlash hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin received for buying an expensive apartment in New York). They see stocks and real estate prices soar... but where is theirs

When a huge swath of society doesn’t see a way out – when they lack mobility – they fight for change.

And today, the wealth gap is reaching a breaking point...
Socialism is Winning
Eventually, the strength in the numbers of the outraged “poor,” rivals that of the wealthy few...

And history shows that always leads to a turning point, when wealth is either redistributed through legislation or revolution.

Today, according to Gallup, 51% of 18-29 year-olds view socialism favorably (only 45% view capitalism positively – which is down from 68% just a few years ago).
And membership in the Democratic Socialists of America has soared 7x in just the last two years.

We saw this change in the tides play out in the 2018 Midterm elections, when the left took control of the House of Representatives – a record number of early voters turned out.

We’re also seeing incredibly socialist ideas from people like Bernie Sanders, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Kamala Harris gain major traction with the voting public.

These people have had enough... they feel trapped... and they want to get theirs (only they feel the rich owe it to them).

Before moving on, I want to make an important point. I’m not making any political judgements. If you know me, you know I have LOTS of problems with both the left and the right.

I’m just trying to alert you to a major trend that is playing out in the world today. It doesn’t matter if the Republicans or the Democrats control the government... this rise of socialism is happening. And the eventual, economic consequences are inevitable.

I want to make sure you understand what’s happening, what the potential consequences are and how you can protect yourself from what’s coming.

You still have time today to take certain steps to safeguard your wealth. And I’ve told my Sovereign Man readers the best and most efficient ways to:
  • Legally reduce your capital gains tax to ZERO percent (while staying in the United States)
  •  Move money outside of your home country (where greedy governments will have a harder time stealing it) and into a bank that is likely safer and paying higher interest 
  •  Get a second residency or citizenship, so you and your family can get our of dodge, just in case (I’ve even secured an exclusive deal with a certain country to provide my top clients with passports) 
These are just a few of the solutions I provide at Sovereign Man. There are LOTS of ways to protect yourself from what’s coming.

And I’ve identified three other risks I think could be just as damaging (and, unfortunately, are just as certain)… 
The Four Biggest Threats to Your Freedom and Wealth in 2019
And SIX Steps you can take right now to protect yourself
At the beginning of each year, I sit down and think about the biggest themes (or risks) that could hurt you this year (both in terms of your freedom and your finances).

Given everything happening today, you may be surprised I was able to whittle the list down to just four…

We’ve already discussed one of those themes – the rise of socialism.

But the next three I’ll share with you are all connected. They’ve all played a part in getting us to the economic and political powder keg we’re seeing today.
Theme #2: Most major economies and financial markets are LONG overdue for a serious correction 
For the past decade, governments have held interest rates near or even below 0%... the lowest in human history.

By slashing interest rates to historic lows, they essentially set the price of money to zero, meaning that money had become essentially worthless.

Simultaneously, central banks printed (digitally) trillions of dollars’ worth of currency that began circulating around the financial system in order to bail out the banks.

So, with money effectively having no value, and being in such tremendous abundance, money started flowing into dangerous places creating bubbles in almost all asset classes.

 Just about every major asset imaginable-- stocks, bonds, real estate-- were all selling for record highs.

I spent a lot of time sounding the alarm last year, urging our readers to be cautious.
The Federal Reserve had started raising interest rates and slowly reducing the amount of money in the system.

Money was becoming a bit more expensive... and a bit less abundant.

In July I argued that asset prices would fall as a result, even being so specific as to suggest that the trouble could start in October 2018.

Now, I have no access to any crystal ball. My analysis was based on looking at historical averages.

But it just so happened that markets started running into trouble in October 2018.
And today, I believe we’re poised for a major, market correction. The longer this bull market continues, the riskier it is to hold stocks.

There’s always a possibility stocks run further, so I don’t want to completely miss out on any gains... But I’ve identified several opportunities that will protect your capital will still providing an excellent return.

Including -
  •  A way to hold cash that pays you 100 times more interest than your typical bank account, without the counterparty risk of holding money with an insolvent financial institution. 
  •  A super-safe way to earn 4-6% a year with gold and silver 
Those are just a few of the opportunities I’ve identified that will allow you to protect your cash while still earning a solid return.
Theme #3: The pension crisis accelerates 
Despite this epic boom in asset prices, pensions are in trouble. 

As you probably know, pensions are giant pools of capital responsible for paying out retirement benefits to workers. 

But many pension funds around the world simply don’t have enough assets to cover the retirement obligations they owe to millions of workers. 

In the US alone, federal, state, and local governments pensions are about $7 TRILLION short of the funding they need to pay out all the benefits they’ve promised. 

And that prodigious figure doesn’t include the nearly $50 trillion in unfunded Social Security obligations. 

They have even calculated the date of their own insolvencies.

This isn’t some wild conspiracy theory, these are public reports signed by the Treasury Secretary of the United States.

Private pensions aren’t any better. 

In 2015, the World Economic Forum (WEF) reported the total worldwide gap in pension funding was $70 TRILLION. That’s more than the 20 largest economies in the world combined. 

By 2050, the WEF expects the worldwide pension shortfall will accelerate to $400 trillion. 

In short, if you’re depending on a pension for your retirement, it’s time to start looking elsewhere... right now

Most people will bury their heads in the sand and pretend the pension crisis isn’t coming. But as usual, there are plenty of sensible solutions that make sense for anyone willing to acknowledge such a simple mathematical reality. 

You just have to take some action. 

I’ll show you how to:
  • Easily and quickly earn side income so you can start saving more for retirement (I’m not talking about investment tips... I share a handful of things you can start doing, today, to earn more money)
  •  Open a new kind of retirement account that allows you to contribute more each year (and invest in not just stocks and bonds, but gold, real estate and even private equity) 
If your retirement is concentrated in just stocks and bonds, or in the place you live, you need to take steps now to diversify into safer, more robust assets. 
Theme #4: Debt will become an even bigger issue 
Last, but certainly not least, the world is also facing a continued debt fiasco in 2019.

At the time of this writing, the national debt in the Land of the Free is nearly $22 TRILLION. And in fiscal year 2019, America’s annual budget deficit will top $1 trillion.

And it’s not just the US government that has a severe debt problem...

The governments in Japan and much of Western Europe are in even worse shape.
And even outside of government, other types of debt have exploded.

Corporate debt is at the highest level on record. Ever. And more than 40% of that corporate debt is rated just barely above ‘junk’ status, i.e. most of the companies who are rapidly expanding their borrowings are on very shaky financial footing. 
Consumer debt around the world also reached a record in 2018. In the US, credit card debt, auto debt, and student debt are all at all-time highs.

And the average person has little chance of repaying that debt.

It goes without saying that all of this debt is totally unsustainable. Interest rates are rising, and interest payments are accounting for a larger and larger share of income.

The US government nearly spends as much on interest as it does on national defense.

History shows this to be the point of no return where a nation’s debt makes it feeble and weak.

They’re already borrowing money just to pay interest on money they’ve already borrowed. And the amount of money they’re borrowing is accelerating rapidly.

That’s the troublesome part.

In the Land of the Free, the national debt doubled over the past decade. But interest rates were at least at all-time lows.

Now they’re expanding the debt by more than $1 TRILLION each year at a time when interest rates are RISING.

This is going to reach a critical point over the next few years, and we’re already seeing signs of stress.

But, just like with these other problems, there are steps you can take to make sure you’re protected... like owning specific assets that will drastically increase in value in the face of a government default. 
These Things Are Happening... Here’s How You Fight Back
A Plan B ensures you are in a position of strength, no matter what happens next in the world.

It can include strategies such as…
  • Moving a portion of your savings into a much safer banking jurisdiction
  • Obtaining a second passport (potentially for free) that gives you the right to live, work and retire in another country
  • Legally reducing your taxes
  • Generating superior investment returns while taking minimal risk 
  • And taking steps to secure your retirement that are outside of the mainstream lens
But most importantly, a Plan B makes sense no matter what… Even if nothing bad ever happens, the strategies you implement will ensure you are still better off with them than without them. 

Not only will these Plan B strategies make you resilient, but they will also help you battle the four risks we’ve discussed above.

These four threats are happening right now. Socialism is increasing, the market is getting risky, pensions are broke and governments around the world are drowning in debt.

Please don’t ignore these problems, because if you act today you’ll be prepared while everyone else is scrambling, losing money and panicking.

You’ll sleep soundly knowing that your wealth is protected, your freedom is guaranteed and your retirement is secured.

I’ve created a new report that goes into more detail on each of these risks and shares specific solutions and strategies that anyone can implement.
My New Report
Themes And Solutions For A Prosperous 2019
Inside you’ll learn…
  • How to internationalize your life with three simple strategies that will ensure your assets and freedom are safe when the socialists take over (Pg. 6)
  •  The most compelling tax reduction strategy I’ve EVER seen and why you should take action NOW to lock it in-- even if you are not ready to take advantage of it right away (Pg. 7)
  •  How to get out of the markets and generate strong returns while staying liquid. This way you’ll have ample mounts of cash once the market crashes and presents you with deep-value bargains (Pg. 12)
  •  How to setup a more robust retirement plan and ensure a comfortable retirement even if the government fails its obligations to you  (Pg. 14)
  •  A never-seen-before strategy to buy gold that could DOUBLE your returns without taking any additional risk (Pg. 18)
I provided this report to my premium Sovereign Man: Confidential (SMC) readers.

Sovereign Man: Confidential is our flagship international diversification service. It’s designed to help you build a perfect Plan B that ensures you’re protected and thrive no matter what happens next in the world. 

The four themes and risks I outlined above are here to stay and we’ll continue covering them inside Sovereign Man: Confidential

In fact, we have an entire team of analysts that we are sending all around the world to find solutions that’ll help you protect yourself and your family from all these risks.

If you…
  • Have assets of any kind such as savings in the bank, a 401(k) or even a house...
  •  Are invested in the stock market…
  •  Are planning on retiring within the next 20 years… 
If even just one of these is true for you, then you need to take action today before it is too late.

The world is ever-changing and the solutions available today, may disappear tomorrow.

In fact, here's an excerpt from the report…
We’ve spent years and millions of dollars developing these strategies with our team of international lawyers, accountants and business professionals. 

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He's also completely divorced himself from the US tax system and his wealth is safely growing in lucrative investments outside the mainstream.

These are just a few examples of the strategies Simon has chosen for his personal situation... But the possibilities are endless and our members are using our premium intelligence to implement strategies that are right for their personal situations.
These strategies used to be available only to the super wealthy...
Only the super-wealthy and multinational-corporations with access to armies of lawyers could afford to implement these strategies.

But over the past few decades globalization has made these strategies accessible to just about anyone who has the right knowledge and the foresight to take advantage of it.

We live in a big world. 

And just as you can pick the best neighborhood for the safety of your family, you can pick the best neighborhood for your savings, your business, and your assets.

By diversifying both domestically and internationally, you can dramatically reduce your risk, expand your freedom and take advantage of worldwide opportunities to increase your prosperity.
This is why we've created Sovereign Man: Confidential where our team does the hard work of finding the best opportunities around the world and making them accessible to you.

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The reality is, nobody will ever be more powerful, more capable, and more motivated to eliminate risks and create opportunities than you. 

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We'll show you some easy, cost-effective ways to scare any frivolous creditor away before they even think about coming after what you've earned.
Why it makes sense to store gold overseas (PLUS... how to do it, and who to contact)
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More importantly, we'll talk about why you should consider holding a portion of it overseas, including our recommendation of one of the safest places on the planet, which just happens to have the most innovative gold-backed lending program in the industry.
You're living in the most litigious society that has ever existed in human history
How you can use a foreign corporation for asset protection
Most people deal with the potential risk of lawsuits by assuming that it's never going to happen.

When you think about it, this is a pretty foolish strategy. Of course no one expects to be sued. Until it happens.

We'll show you some easy, cost-effective ways to scare any frivolous creditor away before they even think about coming after what you've earned.
Why it makes sense to store gold overseas (PLUS... how to do it, and who to contact)
In this video preview you will learn why gold should be a part of any sensible Plan B. 

More importantly, we'll talk about why you should consider holding a portion of it overseas, including our recommendation of one of the safest places on the planet, which just happens to have the most innovative gold-backed lending program in the industry.
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  • How you can minimize, or even eliminate, the bulk of your tax on investment income by using two unique strategies in Puerto Rico.
  • Learn about our top pick for international banking: where and how to open an account.
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  • A no brainer (almost free) option to obtain residency in Colombia, one of the most beautiful and exciting places in the world right now.
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For example, one of our recent reports was about the four ways you can get a second passport. 

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Another one covered no-brainer tax strategies for Internet Entrepreneurs.
Download a free Black Paper Preview:
2016 Worldwide Banking Review
Download a free Black Paper Preview:
2016 Worldwide Banking Review
Inside this (redacted) Black Paper you will learn how we determine whether a bank is safe or not as well as a detailed analysis of Hong Kong, Italy and United States banks.

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Try Sovereign Man: Confidential risk-free with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.
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