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People pitch me on investing in their businesses all the time.

But imagine this...

What if a CEO walked your office and said:

"I have a company with $1,000,000 cash in the bank.

You can buy this entire company today for $800,000

You'll also get hundreds of thousands of dollars of real estate, equipment, and other tangible assets included with the deal.

Plus, we're cashflow positive and have decades of life on that income stream."

How quickly would you write that check? 

As fast as possible, of course. 

You could empty the bank account, pocket your initial investment (plus a nice $200,000 profit), and still generate income each year.

It may seem absurd that anyone would ever offer this deal - no one in his right mind would - yet this is the perfect illustration of how our screwed up financial system is creating amazing opportunities to invest in high quality businesses whose stocks prices have taken an absolute beating... 

Rational people can make a fortune investing in these great companies trading at a huge discount... 

It's really hard to lose when you buy companies trading for less the amount of cash they have in the bank.

Particularly when they're well-run, profitable businesses. 

In fact, here are the results of 7 of our portfolios of these "deep value" recommendations over the last few years:

a. 41.7% gain
b. 106.6% gain
c. 91.5% gain
d. 39.5% gain
e. -20.1% loss
f. -1.9% loss
g. 24.3% gain

One loser. One that just about broke even. And five big winners (which more than made up for the loser).

Overall, we're looking at gains in excess of 52.7%.

Look, that's a great...

...but right at this moment, we have the opportunity to blow the doors off this track record.

See, our financial system is completely screwed up...

And it has created many illogical anomalies in which great companies trade for huge discounts on what they're actually worth. 

And it gets even better, because the stocks of these companies are denominated in beaten down currencies.

Which means you can...

Trade overvalued US dollars for deeply undervalued foreign assets.

Every shred of data points to the US dollar being completely overvalued right now...

Just look at the dollar index (the price of the dollar vs. a basket of other currencies):

The US dollar index is just starting to come down from a multi-year high.  |  Image source: Bloomberg

Meanwhile, currencies like the Aussie dollar have taken a beating:

Over the last 5 years the price in US dollars of the Australian dollar has dropped substantially.  |  Image source: Bloomberg

Over the last 5 years, the Aussie dollar has fallen from a high of $1.09 down to a low of $0.69 (a 46% drop). 

It has since rebounded slightly and is currently hovering around $0.75, and we expect to see it continue to rise...

Other strong currencies like the Singapore dollar are also just now rebounding from multi-year lows when priced in US dollars. 

That means right now an excellent time to buy deeply undervalued foreign assets with overvalued US dollars (BEFORE these currencies appreciate any further).

And the great thing about countries like Australia and Singapore is that you don't take on any country risk as you do when investing in frontier markets... 

These are strong, stable societies that happen to have experienced a big drop in the value of their currencies... 

By investing in the deeply undervalued companies held in these jurisdictions, you open yourself up to multiple ways to make money. 

I call this The Trifecta...

The Trifecta: 3 Ways These Investments Make You Money

Let’s use an example of a publicly traded Australian company.

As we've discussed recently, the Aussie dollar has been beaten down, and is very likely to continue appreciating against the US dollar.

If you hold your savings in US dollars (USD), you could diversify internationally by purchasing shares of a company that trades in Australian dollars. 

And in doing so, you could open yourself up to solid returns in three different ways:

1. Currency Appreciation: As the currently overvalued USD corrects and the Aussie dollar appreciates, your return will increase.

2. Income: Simultaneously, the company whose stock you purchase pays you a consistent dividend …which means you’ll receive a solid return year after year in the form of dividend income.

3. Capital Appreciation: And finally, by purchasing a well-managed, growing company trading at a discount to its tangible assets, your overall return will increase as the share price increases.

Here's why this is so important:

It's typical for companies listed on a stock exchange to be trading for several times their book value (which is essentially a way of measuring a company's net worth --- all of its assets subtracted by all of its liabilities).

However, rather than buying some US company trading at 16X book value (like McDonalds), you can buy companies on the Australian or Singapore stock exchanges selling for a massive discount on book value (in some of these deep value cases, less than half of book value). 

That means we make money on these investments if the company simply makes it to its book value, let alone if it makes to back to a logical market valuation of several times book value.

PLUS, we make money when the currency of the stock appreciates...

PLUS, we make money because we invest in well run companies that generate positive cash flow (which means they pay us dividends). 

Frankly...it's hard to lose with this strategy. You're taking on limited risk while exposing yourself to a significant upside opportunity. 

As far as risk-adjusted returns go, this is one of the greatest options available.

Here's a great example of the type of deals available to rational investors like you and me today:

This "safe bet" led to a 1700% return on investment. 

Back in late 2008 in the early days of the financial crisis, the stock price of a mining company called Fortuna Silver had collapsed.

Fortuna’s stock had fallen so much that the entire company was worth about $33 million.

Amazingly, the company’s cash balance at the time was more than $41 million.

So in essence the entire company was worth 20% less than the value of cash it had in the bank.

On top of that, Fortuna had tens of millions of dollars worth of other tangible assets like real estate and inventory, and almost no debt.

They were also profitable, pulling in more than a million dollars a year from their mining operations.

So as an investor, the market was essentially giving you $8 million for free (the difference between the cash balance and the market price of the company).

Plus all the other assets at no cost. 

PLUS an extra million dollars per year in profit. What an incredible deal. 

All the market required in return was that you be rational and thoughtful at a time when the rest of the market was in a panic… and that you have a long-term view. 

It took a few years, but Fortuna eventually generated a 1,700% return for investors.

Note- I’m not recommending Fortuna today. Even though the stock price is well below its peak, the balance sheet is not in the same position.  Nor am I suggesting that every great deal will return 1,700%. 

But I want you to clearly understand my thinking—that occasionally, no-brainer deals come around due to absurd market conditions, and it's the early bird who gets the worm. 

These are the investment opportunities I want to make available to you today. 

Achieve financial freedom through this independent income stream:

Shortly after starting Sovereign Man, I chased down a man named Tim Staermose and did everything I could to convince him to join us as our Chief Investment Strategist.


Because on top of a seriously impressive investment track record - one that allowed him to go from middle class, hard-working researcher in his mid-twenties to achieving financial freedom (retired) in his mid-30's - Tim believed what we believe:

That there are some serious problems with the world and the financial system today, but out of those problems come enormous opportunities.

Tim believed like the rest of us at Sovereign Man that creating an independent income stream isn't about driving around in a new Maserati or buying a bigger house (not that there's anything inherently wrong with that)...

...Rather, this is about freedom and independence. 

It's about financial security - knowing that whatever problem his family faces, they're going to be okay.

It's about freedom from worry - knowing that he doesn't have to worry about how he's going to pay for his daughter's college education, or some surprise emergency, or his retirement.

Tim carries his original work-hard-to-get-out-of-the-middle-class attitude into researching, analyzing, and investing in exceptionally high quality companies (and never over-paying for them). 

Once on board, I was astounded time and time again when Tim dug up these under-the-radar, no-brainer investment opportunities...

Quite simply, by following Tim's advice, I've been able to take a portion of my savings and put an extra $5,000 in my pocket month in, month out, year after year.

What would you do with an extra $1K-$5K/month? 

Can you see why it's so important for me to get this into the hands of as many SMC members as possible? 

Let us do all of the hard work for you...this "push button" approach makes it EASY for you to profit.

I wanted to pull back the curtain on a system that gave me - and could give our members - financial freedom. 

And I wanted to make it easy to follow and EASY to profit from.

See, behind the scenes of this system is a lot of hard work.

What we offer is a way for subscribers to tap into our expertise, our experience, and our time and effort, so that they don’t have to do anything themselves other than place the buy and sell orders with the broker. 

It's the work behind the ideas, and the ideas themselves that provide extraordinary value. 

And the great thing is the system makes sense whether you're starting with $10,000 or $1,000,000...whether you're an experienced investor or you're just getting started. 

Here's how it works:

Tim will show you exactly what he's doing (with his own money)...and will recommend which price to buy at, which price to sell at, how much of your portfolio to invest, and when... 

And you decide whether it's right for you. 

You place the orders, the stocks are held in your name, and you receive timely updates to make sure you know exactly what to do and when. 

You sit back and push a button, copying exactly what Tim and I are doing with our own hard-earned money. 

It's that simple. 
This is a remarkably safe way to turn your unproductive savings into potentially great returns - by betting on quality businesses selling at a discount.

This is a "push button" system: Chief Investment Strategist Tim Staermose provides a Model Portfolio of exactly where to allocate your investment capital at any one time, as well as clear buy, sell, or hold recommendations.

Our portfolio of recommendations over the last few years is up 52.7%.

And because the dollar is obviously overvalued right now (but likely set for a correction), now is the time to trade US dollars for these deeply undervalued, high-quality foreign assets. 

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  • Foreign Banking: You'll get to know 5 much safer foreign banking options (including bank CEOs), where Simon does the heavy lifting for you, discussing their financials and who they're right for. (6 videos)
  • Residency & Second Citizenship: Attorneys and residency specialists from multiple jurisdictions will take you through the necessary procedures to become a resident -- and eventually qualify for a second passport(7 videos)
  • Offshore Gold & Silver Acquisition and Storage: You'll get to know what Simon calls "The Rolls Royce of bullion storage" -- one of the safest facilities in the world, in one of the safest jurisdictions in the world. Plus, you'll learn how you can obtain liquidity through your precious metals as well. (3 videos)
  • Asset Protection & Estate Planning: Simon and his personal tax attorney break down this complex topic in a series of 11 videos, which will help you understand how you can efficiently protect your assets and make sure that your heirs keep more of what you pass on to them. (11 videos)
  • Tax Mitigation: In a series of videos from our events Simon and various tax attorneys discuss multiple strategies for deferring, minimizing, or even completely eliminating your taxes. These strategies range from the simple to the complex, but they're all completely legal and can save you a tremendous amount in taxes. (6 videos)
  • Offshore Brokerage: Get to know the founder and Managing Director of our best offshore brokerage recommendation -- a safe firm which allows you to trade dozens of public markets worldwide. (2 videos)
  • Cryptocurrencies and the Future of Finance: Get to know the man that's at the forefront of the digital revolution in the financial world and better understand how new technology is a complete game changer for how we view and interact with money. (2 videos)
  • And much more...
The tax and legal information contained within these videos alone will save you thousands of dollars in both legal fees and tax savings.

You’ll find all the videos categorized, tagged, and easily searchable—literally at the tip of your fingers on your demand.
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